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Steps on Purchasing A Home

Hire an agent


Agents help with a variety of services, such as: educating you on the conditions of the market, analyze what is necessary for your next home, check paperwork and deadlines, and negotiate for the best deal.

Find your home


An agent will accurately help you find homes that fit your criteria. Things to keep in mind: What amenitites are necessary for your family? How much space do you need? Would you be interested in a fixer-upper?

Make an offer


When looking to make an offer, ask your agent to provide you with the list price and market analysis. These documents will provide you with the homes value and compare it to the value of other homes in the same area.

Check your bases


Your agent will tell you some improvements and challenges within your home. You should check to make sure there is no structural damage to the house.

Close the deal


At this point, it is critical to complete any necessary paperwork, remain in communication with your agent, and keep a close eye on your credit and finances. 

Protect your investment


Now that you finally own your house, it is time to keep up with regular maintenance and to watch for signs of leaks or damage.